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Business & Health; Making The Connection

Date & Time: 14/05/2015 10:00 am - 4:00 pm | Location: The Barns Hotel

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Health and wellbeing of employees goes hand in hand with success in business. Yet statistics continue to show high levels of illness and absence taking their toll on the UK economy. More than 130 million days are still being lost to sickness absence every year in Great Britain and working-age ill health costs the national economy £100 billion – – Feb 2014.

What is it really costing you?

New initiatives such as Fit Notes and the Health and Work Service will go some way to addressing this, but what more can an employer do?


This in-depth session, run by experienced acas advisers, will help you understand what a healthy workplace really looks like, and it’s not all about ‘5 a day’, taking the stairs and giving up smoking!

Business need

Taking into consideration the latest legal position this session will provide an opportunity to discuss absenteeism and presenteeism, stress and mental health, how to manage them and minimise the impact on your business.


In these challenging times many managers feel there is little they can do that will have a positive impact on levels of attendance or wellbeing for their workforce, and that anything they do will come with a hefty price tag. Acas knows that’s not often the case.


Taking a practical approach this session aims to help managers develop effective strategies, suitable for their own business, large or small, to identify at the earliest possible stage when health and wellbeing is becoming a concern, and then address it in a fair and reasonable way, providing the best outcome for both employer and employee. Business and health? Come and make the connection for yourself. What have you got to lose?

Price £235.00 + VAT, Total £282.00 per person

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