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Is it okay to ask? How to handle some of the trickiest workplace situations

Date & Time: 05/11/2015 10:00 am - 3:30 pm | Location: the park inn by radisson

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Join us as we look at some of the trickiest issues in the workplace.   This course focuses on the complex situations that employers may face when managing a diverse workforce. Through a series of questions we will take you through the relevant legislation and best practice related to different scenarios to enable you to manage these situations effectively.

Business need

How confident are you at handling the difficult situations that can arise in your workplace?

Is it OK to ask staff to speak only English in the workplace? Can we put up Christmas decorations if not all of our staff celebrate it? When does ‘friendly banter’ overstep the mark?

Make sure you’re getting it right: find out the answers to these types of questions and much more at this essential workshop developed by Acas using our unique insight in to the world of work.

Using situational exercises and facilitated group discussions, we will take you through the issues focusing on the factors that need to be considered as well as any legal implications, options that you have at each stage and what action you can or should be taking.

Price £95.00 + VAT, Total £114.00 per person

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