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Processing Reliefs

Date & Time: 28/07/2015 9:30 am - 4:30 pm | Location: Bedfordshire Chamber Of Commerce

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Processing Reliefs: Inward and Outward (IPR & OPR)

We shall look at the roles of processing in order to identify if you could trade more competitively. Processing can be anything from repacking or sorting goods to the most complicated manufacturing. With IPR, you could benefit from duty being relieved on imports of non‐EC goods, which are to be processed in the Community then put to an eligible process, which is usually re‐export out of the EC. This is permitted provided the trade does not harm the essential interests of Community producers of similar goods. Relief can be obtained from customs duty, specific customs duty, anti‐dumping duty, countervailing duty. Import VAT and excise duty is not due when goods are entered to IPR Suspension. With OPR we shall explain how you are allowed to claim relief from customs duty on the EU goods which have been exported for process, as long as you can show that the exported goods were used to produce, or are incorporated into, the products you are importing. Before you can claim duty relief under OPR, you must be authorised to use these arrangements. OPR does not extend to excise duties, but you may be able to pay VAT on a reduced value for goods that you have previously exported if you can satisfy the conditions for this.

Who is this course for?

Those responsible for procedures and record keeping, as well as those operating RMA departments and services. IPR and OPR Traders will be audited by HMRC, it is therefore vital that procedures are fully understood and a full audit trail maintained and evidenced.

Topics Covered:

• Import and Export Customs Clearance Entries SAD/C88
• Tariff & Classification, Commodity Codes & CPC Codes
• Eligible disposal & Rate of Yield & MCP/SCP
• Relief from Customs Duty, Import VAT
• IPR Simplified (221A) & Authorisation (221)
• Equivalence, Prior Export Equivalence, with or without Triangulation
• Economic Codes, Usual Forms of Handling
• Standard Exchange System
• Other Customs Regimes; ATA Carnets, RGR, End Use, Customs Warehousing

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