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Social Enterprise – Your Way Forward

Date & Time: 10/06/2014 10:00 am - 4:00 pm | Location: WENTA D7

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Do you run a business with a social purpose? This could include a trading Charity or Voluntary Community organisation, Community Interest Company or Co-operative.

This free workshop will focus on creating a successful strategy for your social enterprise. Covering topics from strategic planning and management to social impact measurement and leadership, the workshop will highlight the key essentials to consider for ‘future focus’ planning as well as provide you with expert insights from the below speakers:

Caro Hart, Franklin Hart Consultancy CIC – Management of a Social Enterprise
Caro runs a social enterprise (a community interest company) working in the voluntary and community sector. She is a charity professional with 30 years of experience and an MBA. Running a social enterprise is about more than just making money like a company. Similarly, it is about more than serving the beneficiary group as with charities. Social enterprise needs to produce both outcomes and so much more. For this reason, good management practice is vital!

Caro Hart will talk about the basics of good management in social enterprise including:
•Planning, both strategic and operational
•Risk analysis and risk management
•Stakeholder development

Elaine McCorriston – Social Enterprise East of England – Social Impact Measurement
This is an increasingly competitive time for funding opportunities and attracting new business. Third sector organisations need to compete for custom and contracts as well as use Social Impact Assessment to gain competitive advantage. Social Impact Assessment can help you become THE organisation to do business with, as well as show existing funders/commissioners how well you are performing. Social Impact Assessment allows organisations to prove their value and improve their performance.

This session will outline some of the reasons that SIA is important. You’ll be able to look at how you can start measuring your organisation’s social impact, highlighting the many resources available. It will provide you with an insight into the Social Return on investment methodology.

Kuldip Reyatt – Leadership Transformation Partners – Leadership and Innovation for Transforming Social Enterprises
Kuldip will talk about his experiences of being involved in the board/strategic leadership of a couple of UK and global non-profit organisations. In addition, he will share his insights from advising and coaching several social entrepreneurs and leaders of innovative social enterprises.

This will be an interactive session and you will be able to participate and share your own stories. You will take away useful knowledge about leadership and social innovation that can be applied in your social enterprise.

Social enterprises make a valuable contribution in a fair society, and increasingly, provide vital services – often, transforming lives.
Good leadership and innovation are essential for building, operating and sustaining social enterprises over the long-term. If we want transformative social enterprises then leadership may also need to be transformed and there has to be real social innovation.

•What does leadership mean to everyone in the enterprise, for stakeholders, and ultimately for beneficiaries…what should it mean?

•What are the key challenges of leadership and social innovation… how do you navigate these challenges when you are a new social entrepreneur?

•How do you transform leadership if you lead or are part of a leadership team of an existing social enterprise…particularly, with limited resources?

These questions and some emerging theories, practical tools and resources will be discussed in this session.

Note: This event is only available to social enterprise organisations based in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Book your place today by emailing or calling 01438 791 002.