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Vauxhall Motors: Business Continuity Conference

Date & Time: 30/09/2015 8:30 am - 1:00 pm | Location: Vauxhall: Luton Plant

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Wednesday 30th September 2015

Project GRIFFIN was developed by the City of London Police to advise and familiarise business leaders, security officers and employees of private and public sector organisations on security, counter-terrorism and business continuity issues.

Vauxhall Motors is offering senior Management, recruitment providers, on site contract companies as well as local businesses the opportunity to participate in the half day conference.  The conference will focus on Fraudulent Identification Documents as well as Operation Fairway.

The emphasis will be on helping delegates to:

  • Raise awareness of current threat levels
  • Recognise and respond to suspicious packaging
  • Help participants to think about dealing with certain types of counter terrorism incidents and emergencies
  • Improve awareness of the use of fraudulent documents and how to spot them
  • Identify insider threats and how to protect your business and its employees

Operation Fairway delivers counter-terrorism briefing to raise awareness of suspicious activity and encourage reporting to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline.

Fraudulent Documents pose a particular risk for businesses as well as being an important tool for terrorists.

Please bring your passport if participating in the fraudulent document presentation

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